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 Ok so my dad has two possible job offers right now, but there's still a possible 3rd option as well.  (Waiting to hear back from them possibly by next week.)  The first job is a promotion at the hospital, the second job has something to do with United Way, and the third possible option is a civil servant job with the army in KOREA.  I really hope that my dad gets the job offer for Korea because I WANT to go back...

Mini Vacation

I'm up here in the mountains of North Carolina.  It's so beautiful out in the country, but the leaves haven't fully changed color yet.  Right now as I sit here typing I'm thinking about my trip back to Texas and wonder who will I'll end up sitting next to this time.  Hopefully it won't be too awkward.

School is going well, but I find myself struggling to participate in my cardio boot camp.  All the other students make me feel so like I shouldn't be there because they're so much better at excersing than I am.  I wonder why they even registered for that class in the first place?

Japanese class is by far my favorite.  At the moment we have finished hiragana and am now starting on katakana.  Can't wait to get to kanji.  (I have homework when I get home >-<)
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